Dog On A Boat Studios


Co-founded in January 2015 by Adina Marguerite & Ezekiel Anderson Pease, Dog On A Boat Studios is a full spectrum creative studio with ventures ranging from photography and videography to handmade and digital design work. Inspired by their mutual love for travel and the outdoors, as a two person team they bring distinct but complimentary styles to their work. As of early 2017, they have relocated from the Pacific Northwest to the Hudson River Valley in New York State.


Years ago, Adina sketched an anniversary card for Zeke depicting a dream for their future which they had often discussed. The sketch of a sailboat, named Cuatros Perros, carried  Adina, Zeke, and their four dogs; Rocco, Taco, Pickle, and Walter. The dream was to sail around the world exploring lands near and far. Today, while we aren't currently planning to buy a sail boat or adopt three more dogs - we're still traveling near and far with our one pup, Parsley in the @xoverterra


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