Dog On A Boat Studios


Co-founded in January 2015 by Adina Marguerite & Ezekiel Anderson Pease, Dog On A Boat Studios is a full spectrum creative studio with ventures ranging from photography and videography to handmade and digital design work. Inspired by their mutual love for travel and the outdoors, as a two person team they bring distinct but complimentary styles to their work. 


Years ago, Adina sketched an anniversary card for Zeke depicting a dream for their future which they had often discussed. The sketch of a sailboat, named Cuatros Perros, carried  Adina, Zeke, and their four dogs; Rocco, Taco, Pickle, and Walter. The dream was to sail around the world exploring lands near and far. Today, while we aren't currently planning to buy a sail boat or adopt three more dogs - we're still traveling near and far with our one pup, Parsley in the @xoverterra

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